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A brief history

The company "FUNKY" entered into the children's fashion-wear as a family business in 1989. Today it is under the brand name FOR FUNKY KIDS COLLECTION S.A. Since it was founded it has maintained old collaborations and it has created new ones with stores all over Greece.
The experience of many years and the constant updating in the international fashion trends contributed into gaining knowledge, which was beneficial for the company.
The company FOR FUNKY KIDS S.A has an organized sales net with over 400 clients all over Greece.

The company's profile

FOR FUNKY KIDS COLLECTION S.A covers the ages of nursery, infants, juniors and children- teenagers. The collection addresses both boys and girls from the age of 0 until the age of 16 years old.

The company designs two collections, one for spring- summer and another for fall-winter. The collections are being designed by a very experienced staff with the latest design technologies.Our aim is to have the best design, quality and price, and at the same time producing products with designs and colors that excite both kids and adults. The company FOR FUNKY KIDS COLLECTION S.A is addressing the most valuable creatures of this world, KIDS.
The fabrics that are being used for the collection are chosen based on the excellent quality and on a reasonable price, offering to children not only comfort but also style during every minute of their everyday life.


The main philosophy that characterizes the company's core values is the best possible client service and the consumer's satisfaction. 
More specifically the company seeks:

Last but not least, caring about the environment, making good use of the natural resources and the establishment of hygiene rules and safety rules, are part of the company's philosophy and values.

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